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Ten Reasons Why Murder At Green Springs Is High Drama and Significant History

“The story is extraordinary!” explains J. K. Brandau. “Discovery compelled a chemist to write history and save the legacy!”

  1. The Hall Case is one of the most extreme examples of yellow journalism ever!
  2. Unique circumstances fueled one of the largest news sensations ever in a state and then repressed it along with a full twenty-five years of preceding events.
  3. The story depicts life in stratified, southern society; themes parallel those of To Kill a Mockingbird, but are completely factual.
  4. The story showcases the insurmountable obstacles women faced in the man’s world of 1914.
  5. The suspect hired her own Pinkerton detective – a rare, documented employment of Pinkerton operative by a private individual.
  6. Railroad action directly impacted a murder investigation.
  7. Money, politics, and public opinion drove prosecutors to promote perjury and distortions to secure conviction.
  8. Statehouse politics blocked release of an innocent woman from prison.
  9. The story is the missing closure to the great newspaper sensations of the early, twentieth-century South.
  10. Drawings, maps, photographs, endnotes, and bibliography establish the story as a matter of record.
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